Selling Sunset’s Christine Quinn Reveals She’s ‘Definitely Open To Giving Birth On Screen’

A Selling Sunset first, for sure.


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Recently, Christine Quinn announced her pregnancy, then came long-awaited news that Selling Sunset has been renewed for not one, but two seasons. Now, Christine has revealed that she’s “definitely open to giving birth on screen”. So we’re in full Selling Sunset mode right now.

Speaking to Grazia, Christine opened up about her pregnancy journey, explaining that everything happened pretty quickly.

“We figured it was the perfect time to start trying and I got pregnant really quickly, but I didn’t start showing until I was about five and a half months and even then it wasn’t super big.

“So I thought let’s wait until I have a big belly and can make a big announcement. It’s been great. It was one of those things that I was lucky to get away with for a while.”

She continued, “There was a point where I was like, ‘Do I even want to announce it?’ like do a Kylie Jenner type thing. But then I thought it would fun and a really good moment to share with other women what I went through and I want to get their advice on what they went through and talk openly.”


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Speaking about juggling both the show and her pregnancy, Christine revealed that she’s pretty much up for the challenge. “We just announced two seasons and I’m obviously going to have my baby while we’re filming. There’s not a lot of people who get to share those moments so it’s going to be quite a challenging season for me to say the least.

“I’m going to be working full time, as well as filming full time, on top of having the baby, on top of being a mom, on top of being an entrepreneur. But I’m all for a good challenge and I feel like I of all people will be able to multi-task and deal with it.”

And what about how much she’s thinking of letting the cameras film? Would she give birth on the show? Well, she’s certainly thinking about it. “It’s one of those things I’ve seen on TV and been like, ‘Wow it’s so beautiful and inspiring’ and Khloe Kardashian did it and Sheree from Bling Empire and I thought I could never imagine doing that because I’m so worried about looking vulnerable and having makeup on… but when you become a mom and have this baby growing inside of you, you realise the things that do and don’t matter.


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“So before I was pregnant, I thought ‘I don’t know if I could do that and not be glam’ but now it’s one of those things that I might be open to because if I’m able to inspire people or motivate them or give them a raw, more vulnerable side to me, it’s something I’d definitely be open to doing.

“I’m not really sure – I’ve not given it much thought, but I do think it’s something people would love to see and I’m definitely open to sharing it with them. It just depends how I feel.”

Well, it sounds like we’ll just have to wait for the next season to find out – check out everything you need to know on the upcoming season right here.


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