Selling Sunset’s Christine Quinn Shares First Glimpse At Newborn Son

"The mom-shamers are real, that's for sure"


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Selling Sunset star Christine Quinn has shared a first look at her newborn son, Christian Georges Dumontet.

Sharing exclusive pictures with People magazine on her Instagram grid, Christine posed alongside her husband Christian and their tiny son.

Captioning the picture she said:

“I could not feel more in love, blessed, and grateful. Words can not express the joy of being a mommy.”


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Going on to share her birth story with the publication, Christine admitted that there was some panicking when it came to delivering her baby.

“I had been cramping for two days and I didn’t know; I really thought it was normal. Then my water broke, and we had to rush to the hospital,” she says.

While she planned to give birth naturally, the 31-year-old ended up needing an emergency cesarean section: “I was laboring for some time and the complexity of it all when I got there. I couldn’t do what I wanted to do, so that’s when we had to make the decision.”

“It was definitely scary in my mind to think about having an operation, but it went great.”

Already back to doing what she does best, working. Christine opened up on E!’s Daily Pop, admitting that she is already being mom-shamed for her decision to return back to work.

“The mom-shamers are real, that’s for sure. I’ve gotten both ends of the spectrum. I’ve gotten people who are like, ‘Oh I’m so happy you’re getting back to work, that’s great!’ And then I have people who are like, ‘You need to give your body time to recover and heal, and who’s taking care of the baby?”


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Going on to say that women can have it all, should they so please, she added:

“I’m like, ‘Listen, my husband’s amazing. He’s home, the baby’s sleeping, what’s the difference?”

“For me, I love to work. There are single moms out there every single day working two, three jobs, doing it. Women are so strong and they can do it. For me, I’m happy to be working. I’m thrilled to have a job and I’m thrilled to have a baby and be able to do it all. I think that’s really the message here: Women really can do it all, so don’t be shaming!”

Little Christian is yet to meet Christine’s Selling Sunset work pals yet, but she says that soon they’ll be introduced.

“Hopefully this week so I’m really excited about that!”

Maybe he can shift that $75 million home for Davina?