Sex/Life Is Trending On Netflix In Ireland Thanks To One Raunchy Scene

It's the show everyone is talking about... *skips to episode 3*

Sex/Life is trending on Netflix this week and there’s no surprise as to why.

The show, which has become popular due to a full-frontal shower scene has the nation talking and in particular, skipping to the scene in question, episode three, 19 minutes and 50 seconds in to be precise.

With the show first garnering popularity on the likes of Twitter and TikTok where the word spread fast that the show was one to watch if you’re in the mood for some X-rated viewing, it’s safe to say it has since made many blush, rewind and pause the telly again and again.

Starring Adam Demos as bad-boy Brad Simon, Sarah Shahi as leading lady Billie Connelly and Mike Vogel as her husband Cooper Conelly, the show follows a woman (Billie) who cannot stop fantasising about her ex (Brad) despite being married with kids and so, writes about all her past sexual experiences with Brad in her diary, constantly getting flashbacks to her past relationship and wondering if it’s worth reliving when their paths collide again.

The raunchy drama is also inspired by BB Easton’s 2016 book 44 Chapters About 4 Men – a book that is based on a true story and memoir. Yep. Like Billie in Sex/Life, Easton was apparently compelled to start the journal because she was feeling stalled in life as a married mother-of-two and school psychologist. Ken, her husband, was very different from the tattooed bad boys of her youth and so, she began to write about them, longing to resurrect the thrill of her past loves. I mean, can this series get even more juicy?

Following the success of 44 Chapters About 4 Men, Easton wrote a few more chapters about those four men in her life before marriage and so, we wonder, will we have more Sex/Life coming our way based off inspiration from the books? Who knows, but we sure do hope.

As for *that* episode three scene, well, according to a showrunner from Sex/Life who spoke with Collider, the scene was never put in just to draw the masses but to “demonstrate just how obsessed Billie’s husband, Cooper, has become with her past life.” Yeah, sure… we believe you.

All episodes of Sex/Life is now available to stream on Netflix.


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