Sexting? These Are The Most Popular Emojis For Getting Your Flirt On

When it comes to turning up the heat these are the emojis that have been found to be most popular.

Girl Texting

If you thought that emojis were just a fun and easy replacement for words, you’d be very wrong. They’re actually a psychological dream, and allow us to learn a lot about a person –  like how they rate in the flirt department, for one.

Let’s be real: No one is whispering sweet nothings into each other’s ears anymore. These days, flirting has gone from sexual to textual – and sending the perfect text message is of the utmost importance.

For those of us who aren’t natural Shakespeares, emojis are key to creating these cute “I like you” cues for our crushes. Recently, a UK-based company called DrEd picked up on this trend, and conducted a study to find out which of the little symbols were getting sent the most frequently for people getting their flirt on.

After studying millions of flirty tweets, these are the emojis they found were most popular…


Surprisingly, the top three emojis were quite tame. Heart eyes dominated the findings, which is relatively safe to send to a crush compared to, say, an aubergine with ?. The kissy face and kitty with heart eyes emojis – which took home the silver and bronze respectively – are also pretty clean.


But that’s not all the study uncovered, because it also found the top 10 suggestive emoji combos and a breakdown of which emojis were popular with guys and gals. The result? Everyone loves the aubergine, it seems.

So, whether you’re an emoji flirting novice looking for pointers, or a pro checking out new combos, this list is pretty essential. Now all you need to do is make like a badass, and shoot of that text, eh?

By Jennifer Conway.