Shade Thrown! Kendall Jenner Just Got Uncharacteristically Sassy On Instagram

She's usually the quiet Kardashian, but she's just doled out her first public clap back.

Kendall Jenner Met Gala 2016

Compared to her sisters who have been known to have public Twitter spats, (Kim, Khloe, we’re looking at you) Kendall is usually a whole lot quieter than her older sisters, choosing to opt out of all the dramz.

But not today it seems, as Kendall just shaded Scottish singer Tallia Storm with a single Instagram post.

To give you the back story, earlier this week Tallia accused Kendall of trying to get her kicked out of the VIP section at a pool party in LA, allegedly because she hadn’t recognised Kendall.

According to reports, Tallia had stepped in front of Kendall, not recognising who she was, to talk to Hailey Baldwin who was also at the party.

‘Kendall, for whatever reason, was unimpressed by that,” a source told The Mail Online. “She started shouting to the bouncer “Excuse me, can you come over here and escort this girl away?”‘

Naturally, Tallia took to Twitter after the party to blast Kendall for her behaviour, writing “It’s a sad day when you upstage @kendalljenner and she tries to get you thrown out the VIP area @NextRadioApp party! Lol. #SheTried #And Failed”

Kendall waited until last night to dole out a clap back to Tallia’s diss, simply posting a meme to her Instagram, with the caption “Pretty much.”

pretty much

A photo posted by Kendall Jenner (@kendalljenner) on

Is it a not-so-subtle way for Kendall to say she’s got no time for all the BS? We reckon so.

But whatever the reason for her unexpected shade, we hope these two can sort out all of their dramas.


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