Shaughna Philips Reveals That Love Island Scenes Are Edited To Look Completely Different

It was like "watching something I’ve never seen before.”

We all know by now that reality TV is not quite reality, but it’s easy to forget when you’re sucked into your favourite show.

Love Island in particular is a show we always get seriously invested in, and the breakout star of the last series was Shaughna Philips. She became an instant hit when viewers fell in love with her straight-talking way of dealing with everything.

Who could forget the now iconic congrats, hun?


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In a recent interview with Metro UK, she revealed that she was shocked by how much the show was edited and that it seemed “completely different” to how things actually unfolded.

This is to be expected when you have to edit down a whole 24 hours in to a 1 hour show, but she was shocked by just how much was edited out.

“There’s certain parts that have been shown on TV that were kind of completely different to how they happened.”


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When asked about watching the show back she said it was a little boring as she obviously already knows how it ends, and with the heavy editing she didn’t “want it to taint any of my memories that I’ve got.”

However Shaughna also praised the editors as she hilariously said; “They do actually work wonders because we were very boring sometimes.”

As for any edited scenes in particular? Shaughna mentioned the time she helped Callum write a message to Rebecca to say he wasn’t interested.

The 26 year old has said this scene makes her cringe and it was like “watching something I’ve never seen before” as it was chopped up to look far more serious. According to Shaughna, her and Callum “were literally crying with laughter the whole time that was happening. It was just a big laugh, a joke.”

It’s an interesting insight into the hit show, and reminds us not to take everything at face value.


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