Shawn Mendes Got Turned Away From A Dublin Pub At The Weekend Because He Was Too Young

He is a baba of 20, and Bruxelles has an over 21s policy. Ah Shawn.

Let this be a lesson: No one is above the door policy at an Irish pub. Not even popstars.

Shawn Mendes was performing at Dublin’s 3Arena on Saturday and Sunday, and took in the sights of the city during his downtime.

The legal drinking age in Ireland is of course 18, so at 20 he should have been able to get himself a tasty pint of Guinness in pub he wanted, but… it didn’t quite work out for him.

Fans videoed him trying to get into Bruxelles just off Grafton Street the other night, before being informed by the bouncers that the venue has a strict over-21s policy.

“Alright, bye, I tried,” he says, sloping off. Maybe the bouncers just didn’t find Stitches and There’s Nothing Holding Me Back as irresistibly catchy as we did?

It wasn’t all bad for the Canadian singer, because he was later spotted in McDonald’s on Grafton Street at around 3am, getting some food. If that isn’t a sign of a successful night out, we don’t know what is.

Shawn is the second global star to seek out delicious fast food in Dublin in recent weeks – Drake got Eddie Rockets milkshakes in Tallaght during the Irish leg of his tour last month. Long may this continue.


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