Shay Mitchell Welcomes Second Child Keeping It A Secret For Two Weeks

Shay Mitchell welcomed a second daughter with her partner Matte Babel


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A massive congratulations is in order as Shay Mitchell has welcomed her second child.

The Pretty Little Liars’ star gave birth to a baby girl two weeks ago, keeping it hush hush until now. Sharing the news with People Magazine at an event for her luggage company BÉIS.

This is her and partner Matte Babel’s second girl, as the pair welcomed their adorable daughter, Atlas, in 2019.


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Shay and Matte shared they were expecting back in February, but it was a bittersweet moment as Shay tragically lost her grandmother around the same time.

The pair were incredibly close, and Shay had taken some time away from social media following her passing. When she returned to announce her pregnancy on Instagram, she even mentioned what a struggle it had been.

Explaining, “Saying goodbye to a loved one while simultaneously experiencing the joy of welcoming another into this world is the great cycle of life. It is also my most challenging season to date.

I can’t help but think this was the universe’s plan all along, knowing I would need otherworldly joy to cushion the blow of losing one of the most important people in my life.”


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Continuing to write, she shared, “Yet, this is proof that love, life and loss can profoundly exist all at the same time. Gram, I miss you every day. Little one, we are so excited to meet you. I breathe a sigh of peace, knowing you two are already connected in such a cosmic way.

Shay and her “gram” were a dynamic duo, who certainly shared a sense of humour. Despite her age, gram was unafraid to join Shay in the latest TikTok trends or dance crazes. Her passing will be hard on the whole family, but little Atlas especially.

Shay revealed to ABC Audio, that her daughter had a very close connection with gram. Saying, “Even when Atlas was a baby, she gravitated towards my grandma differently than she did with anybody else. It’s crazy, I mean, I’m like, I see them and it brings tears to my eyes automatically because Atlas just goes to her.”


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While Shay shared a lot of her pregnancy this time around (including her stunning maternity style), she kept things quieter this second time.

When she and Matte were expecting Atlas back in 2019, they documented the journey in a YouTube series called Almost Ready.

Capturing everything from the gender reveal (which involved a pink and a blue power ranger fighting till one colour claimed victory), their nerves as a result of Shay miscarrying before, Atlas’ birth and the mum shaming Shay experienced after giving birth. But the couple didn’t continue the series with this second pregnancy.

Nonetheless, a massive congratulations to the little family!


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