‘She’s In Labour!’: Twitter Is Convinced Cheryl Is Having Her Baby Right Now

Her fans reckon she's just gone into labour.

Cheryl and Liam Bump

It doesn’t take much to spark speculation on social media, especially when it comes to Cheryl and Liam’s rumoured pregnancy.

The latest rumour doing the rounds on the Twittersphere is that Cheryl has just gone into labour.

Various media outlets speculated that Cheryl’s due date was anywhere between early February to late April, but fans are convinced the couple’s first child is arriving in the next few hours, all because Liam has flown back to London from LA prematurely.

The singer was hanging out in Los Angeles working on his upcoming studio album, but has reportedly jetted home earlier than planned, apparently hopping on a flight to London to be with his pregnant girlfriend Cheryl.

The couple’s followers have drawn obvious conclusions on social media.

Still though there’s been no word from either Cheryl or Liam, and given that the couple are yet to even confirm that they’re expecting, it’s unlikely that they’ll keep us up to date with the birth.


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