Sia Denies Using Blackface After Taylor Swift Fans Unearth Old Photo

This comes after Sia showed her support for Scooter Braun.


Australian singer Sia has denied using blackface after Taylor Swift fans dug up an old photo of her.

This comes after Sia showed her support for Scooter Braun, who is currently feuding with Taylor Swift after he acquired her music.

Sia tweeted to say that Scooter was ‘a good kind man’.

“I hope this passes quickly. I love you keep going,” she added.

Fans of Taylor Swift and those siding with her in the Scooter Braun feud took great offence to Sia’s message of support.

This is when fans did some digging and found a photo of Sia with black paint on her face and neck along with a black wig.

Sia responded to the claims by saying that she was trying to blend into the backdrop during a performance. Sia is known for keeping her face out of the spotlight even during concerts.

The singer also shared a video from the gig.

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