Single And Up For A Hike? Well, Roz Purcell Has Just The Date For You

The Irish influencer is playing matchmaker and we're totally here for it.

Forget about a blind date in a bar, what about finding that someone special on the side of a mountain? Now, that’s a story for the grandkids.

Roz Purcell, Irish influencer, author, Hike Life creator and ambassador for all things outdoorsy, has come up with a genius idea for singletons looking for love and adventure.

The 31-year-old has admitted that she’s started a series of hikes for singletons across Ireland. Having set up a free hiking community in 2019, Roz has brought thousands of people on group hikes over the course of two years and now, is hoping to customise them a little bit more.

“I just released a series of singles hikes,” Rose told Ray D’arcy on RTÉ Radio 1.

“I do a lot of Q&As and my audience, there’s a mixed age group, but a lot of them always message me about dating dilemmas and not being able to meet someone online, especially the last few years in lockdown. So I created a series of hikes for people to meet like minded people,” she added.

Explaining that she’ll put her matchmaking skills to good use by having the hikes suited to those signing up, Roz added that there will be a LGBT+ one, and an over 60s one “and it’ll just be really great people watching for me.”

Adding that the way to get involved will simply just involve signing up, Roz will be posting all details of any upcoming hikes on her socials and The Hike Life here.

As for Roz, well, she’ll solely be playing matchmaker, the Irish model is happily coupled up with boyfriend Zach Desmond since 2016. It was actually on a blind date that Roz first met Zach, after being set up by a mutual friend.

Well, there you go, she clearly trusts the system, so who knows, your future partner could be waiting for you at the summit.