Snapchat Etiquette: Are You Breaking These Unwritten Rules?

Doing these seven things on Snapchat is totally bad form apparently...


1. Sending nudes

Er, you probably aren’t too happy when you receive a dick pic, so it goes without saying that you probably shouldn’t be sharing snaps of yourself in the nip either. Sure, it’s going to disappear in six seconds, but don’t forget there’s always screen grab, and we’ll bet you don’t fancy seeing that private snap shared all over the internet.

2. Making your snap story waaaaay long

A quick chat with our friends revealed that a major Snapchat bugbear is stories that are too long. Er, we’ve got the guilts. A rule of thumb? According to our poll, anything over 100 seconds is boringggg, so, er, better keep it brief, we guess.

3. Sharing every little detail of your day

Another big pet hate among our mates? Er, snapping absolutely everything that happened to you in the past 24 hours. Sharing some LOLs and pics from a big event are okay, but snapping what you had for breakfast and videos of you walking to work are not apparently. #Soz.

4. Oversharing your nights out

Nobody wants to hear music from a club blaring through their phone when they’re sitting in on a Saturday night. Don’t snap your friend’s drunken dance moves without her knowing, either. That’s just bad form.

5. Snapping while driving

We’re seeing this more and more, and it’s hella dangerous. If you’re behind the wheel, resist the urge to snap what’s on the radio or outside the window. Aside from the fact that it could land you with a hefty fine for using your phone while driving, you also risk hurting yourself or someone else. Wait until you’re parked up before you snap, y’hear? Or if you’re really desperate, hand your phone over to your bestie for the drive, because that’s what passengers are for, right?

6. Not replying

So, you don’t have to reply to every.single.snap, but if a mate has snapped something major and you know it’s protocol to reply, you should totally do it. You’d expect the same back, right? That pic from your old school friend of the apple she ate this morning, though? Er, you can leave that one unanswered.

7. Snapping your one night stand

Believe it or not this is totally a thing; people have been snapping pics of their hook-ups the next morning and posting it to their snap story. Wanna let the world know you hooked up last night? Go for it, but be sound, and make sure your new beau is aware you’re taking their pic, k?