So, Angry Niall Horan Fans Are Cancelling Dustin The Turkey

We have reached peak 2020

If someone told me at the beginning of this year that Niall Horan may have to issue a statement in defence of Dustin The Turkey, to protect him from furious fans in the US, well, I wouldn’t have believed you.

But, welcomes to 2020, where Dustin The Turkey is fully being cancelling by furious Niall Horan fans.

To fill you in, it all began on Friday night, when Ray D’arcy, Dustin The Turkey, and Niall Horan all made appearances on RTÉ’s comic relief. In this particular segment, in typical Dustin style, Dustin The Turkey stopped Niall mid-performance to share his thoughts with the singer.

Saying that he preferred Niall’s former bandmate Harry Styles, the short clip soon resurfaced on Twitter, with hardcore Niall fans from the US less than impressed with Dustin’s behaviour.

With many threads soon emerging on the social media site, the main message fans wanted to get across was that Dustin’s actions were entirely ‘disrespectful’, with the hashtag respectniallhoran soon trending.

The clip which was shared by RTÉ has since gone on to be viewed over 1 million times.

In defence of himself, Dustin The Turkey has had his say on the situation, letting upset fans know that there’s no beef between himself and Niall, and that he loves both Americans and having the craic.


Niall himself is yet to comment on the situation, but we’re sure that when he does he’ll be on team Dustin.


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