So, Apparently Roxanne Pallett Is Engaged To This American Reality TV Star

Looks like she's back at her antics again

Always one to stir up a little bit of controversy, Roxanne Pallett is back to her old tricks and making headlines once again.

News has leaked today that Roxanne is now engaged to her American reality tv star boyfriend, Jason.

Roxanne and Jason, who found fame on the reality tv show ‘Married At First Sight’ met this Summer when she was spending time in New York, and the pair have been plastering on the PDA for the gram ever since.

Jason who is both a firefighter, and professional wrestler (em, grand) divorced Cortney Hendrix in February of this year, who he met and married on the reality TV show back in 2014.

Roxanne broke things off with her fiancé Lee Walton earlier this year also. The pair got engaged in August of last year after just one week of dating, but their relationship was put to the test after Roxanne’s Big Brother ‘punch gate’, inevitably leading to their demise.

Speaking about her relationship with Jason, an insider has told The Sun:

“Jason has been a rock to Roxanne since they’ve been together”

“He’s fiercely protective over her and has told friends that she’s the one he’s been searching for all this time,” they continued.

The source also said that Jason asked Roxanne’s mam for her blessing before popping the question to his girlfriend.

Both Roxanne and Jason are yet to confirm the engagement news, but considering Roxanne’s previous antics nothing would surprise us tbh.