So Apparently We’ve Been Mispronouncing Zara All This Time

And it's not the only brand name we've been getting wrong.


Right, so here’s the thing, when we’ve been hitting up the high street on a Saturday and we’re headed for the fashion favourite that is Zara, we’ve been pronouncing it Zar-a, as in, kinda like Sara, but apparently we’ve gotten it completely wrong.

As Zara is based in Artexio, Spain, where the dialect is Northern Castilian, the Z sound is pronounced as ‘th’, meaning Zara becomes ‘Tsada.’

One of Zara’s communication reps explains below…

I think I nailed it.

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This got us to thinking about what other brand names we’ve been mispronouncing. Here are just a few…

Hermes: Drop the H, it’s er-mez.
Givenchy: Pronounce it zjee-von-shee
Herve Leger: Say it ‘air-vay lay-jah’. Also, it sounds better with a French accent.
Balmain: It’s bal-man peeps, not bal-main.
Balenciaga: Not bal-en-chi-aga. It’s bah-len-see-ah-gah
Christian Louboutin: It’ pronounced Loo-boo-tan.


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