So Ben Affleck Just Said He’s ‘In Awe’ Of Jennifer Lopez

Well... Aren't we all Ben? Aren't we all?!

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck reuniting as a loved up couple after so long really took us all by surprise. Things have died down slightly, and it’s almost like they were never apart. But in a rare interview, Ben has opened up about J Lo’s “effect on the world”, sharing that he’s “in awe” of it.

His new comments come after the pair finally became red carpet official recently at Venice Film Festival, following speculation over their rekindled romance, and ofc again at the Met Gala.

In an interview with AdWeek, who has named Jennifer the winner of their Brand Visionary Award, Ben gushed over his other half.


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Speaking about Jen’s achievements, he said, “All I can tell you is that I have seen first hand the difference representation makes because I have seen, over and over and over and over, women of colour approach Jennifer and tell her what her example as a strong woman and a woman succeeding and demanding her fair share in the business world means to them.

“I am in awe of what Jennifer’s effect on the world is,” he continued.

“At most, as an artist, I can make movies that move people. Jennifer has inspired a massive group of people to feel they have a seat at the table in this country. That is an effect few people throughout history have had, one I will never know and one I can only stand by and admire with respect.”

After almost 20 years apart, I now just can’t wait to hear more from Bennifer – keep that sweet, sweet content coming!


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