So Did Selling Sunset’s Christine Really Earn $9 million In Commission Last Year?

The reality star shot to fame this year


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If you’ve watched Selling Sunset then you’ll know that the stars of the real-estate series are loaded – like really loaded.

As each home for sale flashes on screen the price of it, alongside the sum of commission the agent receives for successfully selling it does too. More often than not this figure is in the millions, meaning that anyone in the Oppenheim Group who is in any way decent at their job will rake it a hefty commission for themselves.

While Mary appeared to be the golden child of the group judging from the show, we all know that queen of glamour Christine is fairly good at what she does too. With the ability to sell snow to an Eskimo, fans reckoned that Christine’s commission from last year was in and around $9 million (that’s about 7.5 million euros), given how many sales she made.


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When asked if this figure was accurate on The Kyle and Jackie O Show, she played it coy, not giving a direct answer to her earnings but also telling us that this sum wasn’t exactly what she earned.

“I don’t think that number’s quite true, but I’ll take it!” she said.

Recently speaking about how exactly pay works in the group to Metro, Maya Vander explained that commission and earnings aren’t exactly as straight forward as you may think, saying that real estate agents end up taking home around 1.75% of the commission on sale.

“Typically the commission on a purchase is 5%,” she said. “The 5% is split into half for the person who represents the seller and the person who brings the buyer, so you end up with 2.5%,” she explained.

“If I bring the buyer, I get 2.5% of the purchase price, but then Jason will take his cut because he’s the broker and he has the liability.”

“Typically for a brokerage, it’s about 70/30 split. I would keep 70% out of the 2.5% and he would take 30%. And then we have to pay taxes.”

Yeah, we’re a bit confused too.


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The re

But, far from the poverty line, I wouldn’t be feeling too sorry for Christine just yet, as her net worth is currently estimated at about $2 million. Which you can add onto the $20 million that her new husband, retired tech entrepreneur Christian Richard is worth too.

Any brokerages out there hiring??





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