So, Here’s Why The Internet Thinks Taylor Swift Is In Ireland Right Now

Her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn has been spotted here.

At the moment Ireland seems to be a total hotspot for A-list celebs. We have Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey here filming the sequel to Enchanted, Sarah Hyland from Modern Family is here filming a new show and Elizabeth Banks is also coming over to film a movie in Wicklow very soon.

The rumours have sprung up because T-Swift’s boyfriend, Joe Alwyn is currently on the Emerald Isle filming a new TV show.

The English actor has been cast as Nick in the upcoming adaptation of Sally Rooney’s first, award winning novel, Conversations With Friends.

Filming has already started for the series up in Belfast which means the 31-year-old actor is currently on our shores. This has many Swifties speculating that she may have travelled here with him whilst he’s filming.

The rumours went into overdrive when TV producer, Aaron Nelson shared a video to TikTok where he speculated that perhaps Taylor is here too.

Now, of course, Taylor Swift fans have flooded Twitter as they try to figure out if she’s really here!


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