So Hilary Duff’s Quarantine Look Is All About Blue Hair

Yep, you read that right.


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While we’re in quarantine, it may seem like the perfect time to give ourselves a dramatic makeover, hair-wise. We all know that changing your hair drastically when you’re bored is a pretty big risk to take. But we’ve all thought about, hey, we’ve even talked about it in our latest episode of The Glow Up. But Hilary Duff has gone one step further, and gone through with a super dramatic hair change. Hilary Duff, without her famous blonde locks, who’d have thought it?

While she didn’t share with the world how she did it, Hilary posted a selfie with her brand new, dark blue hair over on her Instagram. Captioning it with a good aul’ shrug emoji, she sums up a whole MOOD.


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Her new look immediately got tons of reactions from fans and friends, as it would, it’s a bit of a shock after all. This includes her colorist Nikki Lee of NineZeroOne salon in California, commenting “Yep! You did it! 😻”. Look, if your hairdresser approves, you know you’ve done well.

Die-hard Hilary Duff fans also pointed out that this isn’t her first time sporting blue hair. In her Instagram comments, they compared her quarantine blue hair to her 2015 music video, Spark (serious throwback), where she had multi-toned blue hair.

We don’t know if she was itching to have blue hair again, or if Hilary was just bored in the house bored, but we’re kind of loving it on her.


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