So It Looks Like Love Island’s Connor and Sophie’s Relationship Is ‘On The Rocks’

Another one bites the dust?


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Remember Connor and Sophie? It seems like a literal lifetime ago that they were on our screens. And while their relationship certainly raised some eyebrows from us at home, the two were pretty sure they were going to make a go at things in the real world, even with Connor leaving a good bit earlier than Sophie.

Now, it seems their relationship could be on the rocks after the pair “found it hard” to bring their relationship from the villa to the real world. According to The Sun, an insider revealed, “Connor and Sophie spent the night together at a hotel in London on Monday where they discussed the future of their relationship.”


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They continued, “They’ve both found it hard since coming out of the villa and are keen to keep things private while they figure out what direction things are going in. Connor has been finding the fame game difficult and is now planning to turn his back on it and throw himself into his coffee business.”

Although earlier this month, Connor spilled to The Sun that he could see himself and Sophie moving in together. “The way things are going I think it could get serious. We’re not jumping ahead and just seeing how things are going, but it’s all positive.” He continued,  “In the future we definitely would live together, but we’ve not spoken about it because we’ve only been out of the villa a month or so.”

Hmm, well, we guess lounging in the sun all day is pretty different from dealing with spon con deals and launches in the real world, right?


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