So It Turns Out Meghan Markle Isn’t Actually Called Meghan Markle

She's been going by an alias it seems.

Meghan Markle’s name has never been far from the press recently, something that comes with the territory when you’re dating a prince, but we were surprised to learn a surprising detail about the Suits actress.

According to reports, she isn’t actually called Meghan at all, her real name is Rachel. It’s also the moniker that’s on her official IMDb page, so we guess it must be true.

Of course, Meghan (or, er, Rachel) isn’t the only celeb to go by a stage name. Emma Stone is in fact called Emily, while Brad Pitt is known as William among his friends and family.

Ironically, she also shares her birth name with the Suits character who made her famous, Rachel Zane.

As for Meghan’s official title if she were to marry Prince Harry, her title would be quite a mouthful.

Royal Central Blog reports that she’d be given two titles: Her Royal Highness Princess Henry Of Wales, and a second title chosen by Harry depending on his rank at the time of their marriage.

Hmm. We bet Rachel doesn’t seem so bad now, does it Meghan?

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