So Jeal! The Amount Of Money This Beauty Blogger Makes Every Month Will Truly Sicken You

Repeat after us: I'm not jealous, I'm not jealous.


Blogging is a tough business and there’s no doubt that it takes a whole lotta hard graft to make it big in the industry, but for those who do hit the big time, the rewards are certainly aplenty.

Big time digital influencers can expect stack loads of free beauty products, fancy trips away, and yes, a whole lot of cash to go with it – and there’s certainly no arguing that UK super blogger Zoella is living her best life since her blog and YouTube channel went crazy viral back in 2013.

According to reports, the 26-year-old is earning an impressive £50,000 (that’s roughly €56,000, FYI) Every. Single. Month, and to date, her net worth is said to be sitting around the £3million mark.

Pretty nice, huh? So how did she do it?

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Speaking to Cosmo, Zoella reveals that part of the reason she’s so successful is because she’s strict about who she collaborates with.

“There’s not really any amount you can put on something, because if I didn’t agree with it, I just wouldn’t do it. 95% of stuff is turned down,” she tells the mag.

She also adds that it’s through sheer persistence that things have really panned out for her.

“Back then nobody [was making any money],” she reveals in Cosmo’s November issue. “My dad kept saying I had to look for a proper job. He was like, ‘Get off your laptop, you need to go out.’ He didn’t get it.”

“It was only three years into YouTube [that I started making money] and then it was only £60 every now and then. The cheque would arrive on the doorstep and I’d be like, ‘I told you Dad!'”

Whatever her secret though, one thing’s for sure: we’d happily be a penny behind her in the bank.