So, Justin Bieber’s Missing Cat Has Been Found By Another Celeb

This. Is. Major.

There are few things scarier than when your pet goes missing; the worry, the panic and the fear that something awful has happened. However, Justin Bieber’s latest story has given us hope for all missing pets, proving that celebs really are just like us.

The singer revealed that his cute-as-a-button cat Sushi had gone missing for several weeks and that he and wife Hailey had almost lost hope of ever finding him. That was until he got the call he had been waiting for, to reassure him that Sushi had been found.

“Almost a month ago, my pal Sushi decided to run away. After weeks passed by, Hailey and began to lose hope that our baby was gone 🙁 Yesterday we got a call that somebody found our baby.. he had made it miles and miles away!” Justin revealed to his 129 million Instagram followers.


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“He looks extremely skinny and has a very sad miaow, he is home now safe and sound! Thank you god for protecting him!” the 26-year-old concluded.

Now, here’s the gas part: As it turns out, the person who found Sushi is also a pretty well-known celeb. Sandra Lee, the popular TV chef/author, took to Insta to reveal that it was she who found the beloved cat wandering in her garden!

“I thought the young man on the other end of the phone was going to either burst out in shrieks of joy or burst out in tears —he was so happy, shocked and stunned…still I no idea who it was…” she said of the incident. “I swaddled the cat in a blankey and sat on the couch petting him while it slept for the 40 minutes it took to have the owner come to my house.”

Little did Sandra know that the “young man” coming to collect his cat was none other than Justin Bieber.

Imagine having JB turn up at your door unexpectedly. Scarlet.



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