So Kylie’s Appearance Fee For One Night Is More Than We’d Earn In Five Years

Oh, and she's only 18. Great.

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Instagram posts, book deals, product endorsements… Celebrities have countless under-the-table ways of earning extra pocket money.

But did you know just how much an A-lister (or a well-known reality star) can demand for just an hour or two of work? We’ve had a look, and the answer is A LOT.

Here’s what some of your fave celebs are charging for those ‘spontaneous’ nights out you’ll see plastered all over their social media the next day…

Kylie Jenner
According to Glamour, Kylie raked in a cool €175k to celebrate her 18th birthday at Beach Club in Montréal last August. That’s not including the cost of her helicopter entry, countless magnums of champagne and everything else that goes along with a Kardashian-Jenner’s coming-of-age.

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Scott Disick
While Scott’s already making around €15,000 for a single Instagram post, a one-hour appearance at 1OAK club costs triple that – a whopping €45k.  That’s according to Scott’s manager David Weintraub, who dished all to GQ recently.

Calvin Harris
Want Calvin Harris to DJ at your birthday? Yeah, you’ll want to get saving, as he currently charges between €350,000 and €550,000 for one night of DJing, as revealed in a recent exposé by QUOTE.

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Khloé Kardashian
These days, Khloé hardly needs to rely on club appearances to supplement her earnings. But back in 2013 she reportedly demanded over €130,000 from a club in Sydney, Australia to stop in for an evening during her work Down Under for the Kardashian Kollection.

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Mark Wright
You know you’re doing well when your wedding pictures alone earn you €2m from Hello! magazine, but the buck doesn’t stop there for Mark Wright. The partyboy regularly demands €10,000 or more for club appearances at Mahiki, Fabric and more.

Last night @movidadubai with the lads.

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Spencer Matthews
Spencer lost out on around €250,000 when he pulled out of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here last year, after just 24 hours. But considering he’s taking home at least €4,000 per club appearance, he’s not doing too badly. Spencer and Jamie were blasted back in 2014 for agreeing to be paid that amount by the Harry Cunningham Trust for an appearance at the charity’s annual gala, and in the end decided to save face by donating their fees to the Trust.

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Nicki Minaj
It’s rare we hear exactly how much a massive star like Nicki earns for a club appearance, but when the rapper was sued recently for breach of contract, all the details came out. Having agreed to spend an hour at the Chateau club in Las Vegas, Nicki left after just 36 minutes. The promoters then sued her, saying she wasn’t entitled to the agreed appearance fee of €236,000. We’d happily spend an hour sitting in a pile of dirty nappies for that amount, but that’s just us.

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