So Love Island’s Rebecca Is A Bit Scarlet After Confusing Best Friend Jess With Her Twin Eve

Okay, this is kind of gas.

We’re all guilty of social media blunders every now and again, like not realising a typo in a Tweet or even, the horror, sending a DM to the wrong person. But Rebecca Gormley, of the latest winter Love Island, made a pretty big mistake on her IG stories recently and it’s a bit gas, if we do say so ourselves.

Like most of us, Rebecca was passing a bit of time on Instagram so she started a Q&A. One of her followers asked who Rebecca’s best friend was in the villa, so Rebecca shared her love for Jess, saying “My best friend in the villa was deffo @jessicarosegale we literally laughed together non stop”. Only sharing a photo of Jess’ twin, Eve. *face palm emoji*

Rebecca then realised her mistake, following up with a boomerang with Jess (actually Jess this time), saying “Whoops last pic was @evegale here’s @jessicarosegale.”

Sure look, it happens to the best of us! Pretty funny all the same, we’re betting the twins had a bit of a laugh about it too, so we can rest assured that all is well with the previous islanders!


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