So Michelle Obama Just Mentioned Stacey Soloman On Her Instagram

We're kind of obsessed with this.

We all love Michelle Obama, how could you not? And at STELLAR, we’re pretty big fans of Stacey Soloman too (if you haven’t listened to Stacey as our guest on The Glow Up, now is the perfect time), so we’re only delighted to see the two coming together, well, kind of.

Michelle Obama took to her Instagram account to share a series of handwritten thank yous to those in the front line of the coronavirus pandemic, and Stacey herself got a little shout out. Michelle wrote “If you’re feeling as grateful for our first responders as I am, now’s the time to let them know. From our medical providers and hospital staff to our grocery, transit, and delivery workers, so many extraordinary people are putting their lives on the line to get us all through this moment.”

She then continued, “Let’s take the opportunity to tell them and their families that we see their sacrifices and we’re behind them. A handwritten letter, an Instagram post, or a simple “thank you” text can go a long way in letting someone know just how incredible they are and how much you appreciate what they’re doing.”


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One letter that was shared was from a child to their mam who’s a nurse for the NHS, who were hoping that Stacey Soloman could cheer her mam up – the cuteness, we can’t cope. “Dear Mum, This coronavirus has everyone going crazy. However, we wouldn’t be getting through it without nurses like you on the NHS. Well done for being so strong. Tomorrow is a new day, get some sleep, relax and let Stacey Solomon get you giggling, we love you!”

Stacey shared her shock on her Instagram Stories, we’d be pretty shocked too if we featured on Michelle Obama’s Instagram, saying “So many of you are tagging me in this…. Me and Hoe can’t stop laughing that I’m on Michelle Obama’s grid.” (Hoe is the nickname she gives to her boyfriend Joe Squash, in case you didn’t know) “I’m 100% sure the queen has no idea who I am but it’s made my day none the less. Does anyone know who wrote this? It’s so beautiful and warmed my heart and I’d love to say thank you.”