So No Big Deal, But Katy Perry Totally Has A Gold Nike Symbol Stuck To Her Tooth

What?! Why?!

Katy Perry

Katy Perry’s quirky. You just need to look back at her California Gurls video where she shoots whipped cream out of her bra or on her numerous colourful hair styles to know that.

And we dig it, we really do, but her latest bold statement, might just be a little too far for us, as it appears the singer has gotten a gold embellishment, that closely resembles a Nike logo tick, forged onto her tooth.

Katy Perry Gold Nike Tooth

The discovery was made by Hollywood Life, who spotted Katy sporting the gold accessory at the Office Christmas Party premiere in LA last week.

Problem is, we’re really not sure what statement Katy is trying to make here. Is it a permanent reminder for her to “just do it” in it life or does she just really, really love Nike?

Whatever’s behind it, the internet seems just as perplexed as we are…

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