So Pete Davidson & Kate Beckinsale Have Just Been Spotted Holding Hands & We’re Not Sure How To Feel

So they're like, a thing now?

We’re all about random celeb couples here at STELLAR HQ, but this one… we’re not so sure about.

Pete Davidson is, to many, the SNL guy and Ariana Grande’s ex. But now he’s sort of a big deal himself and we find ourselves totally engrossed in what he’s doing, who he’s hanging out with (Kimye, yep) and now, who he’s dating.

Kate Beckinsale is the answer to that one!

These two recently sort of denied they were dating when rumours emerged, but now they are shamelessly flaunting their love all over town and were even spotted holding hands in LA last night.

Now it’s not just the bit of an age difference that’s making us think this a bit wierd (he’s 25, she’s 45…if you must know) but it just seems like kind of a good publicity stunt for both of them…

Anyway, we’re happy that Pete’s happy after his tough battle with his mental health and suicidal thoughts following his Ari break up, but we’re not sure we’re fully invested in ‘Kete’…. or ‘Pate’? just yet.


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