“So Rude!” Viewers Were Not Happy With Madonna’s Appearance On The Graham Norton Show

Last night the Queen of Pop landed herself on the red couch on The Graham Norton Show – and it seems as if her appearance didn’t go down well…

Madge was on the show to promote her new album Madame X, along with Danny Boyle, Lily James, Himesh Patel and Sir Ian McKellen, but according to viewers, came across rude and self entitled – Uh oh!

The 60-year-old started out by greeting the other guests on the show, and the stating that she ‘wasn’t used to sharing couches’… hmmm…

She then proceeded to ask host Graham ‘what’s up with that suit?’ I mean, funny?

But it was really when Sir Ian McKellen joined them that she started to get really snotty. She seemed to forget that they had met before and even at one point asked The Lord of The Rings star what it is he does! We’re cringing over here.

Anyway, as you can expect fans were none too pleased and Twitter was going OFF.

So you can make your mind up for yourself on this, but we’re pretty sure Sir Ian McKellan fans won’t be going to any Madge gigs any times soon…

Full interview here!



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