So Snoop Dogg Has A Hot Son And The Internet Can’t Even

Fans are crushing on him thanks to one particularly risque pic.

Snoop Dogg

Early this week, Perrie Edwards sent Instagram into meltdown when she shared a pic of her Dad, who fans quickly dubbed a ‘Dilf’.

Now there’s another ridey A-list relative who’s blowing up on social media.

This time around, it’s Snoop Dogg’s son, 19-year-old Cordell Broadus.

Cordell, who has just quit ULCA to become a full time model, recently shared the following pic, which has the internet going cray, and if you look closely, you can probably see why:

Screenshot 2016-07-14 14.23.01

Er, is that an aubergine down there?

Suggestive crotch pics aside though, people have also been swooning over Cordell’s new modelling shots.

Love is the Answer , Don’t ever Question it ❤️???

A photo posted by Cordell Broadus (@cbroadus) on


A photo posted by Cordell Broadus (@cbroadus) on

Pic by @opticperspective

A photo posted by Cordell Broadus (@cbroadus) on

And Twitter is loving him.

Now, with a freshly signed contract and a huge social media following, something tells us we’re going to be seeing a lot more of him.


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