So, This Is The Most Hated Friends Episode Of All Time

If you know, you know.


Well, the most disliked episode of Friends has been revealed, and if you’re someone who has rewatched the show over and over again since the 90s, then this might not come as a huge surprise to you.

Sharing the news,, revealed that the most hated episode of all time is ‘The One With The Invitation’.

Though we’re sure you already know exactly how the episode goes down, allow us to refresh your memory anyway. The episode focuses on Ross and Rachel as Ross is marrying for the 3rd time. In the episode, Ross is debating whether or not he should invite Rachel to his wedding that will be taking place in London.

As Ross debated we’re shown a series of flashback storylines between the pair, showing the ups and downs of their rollercoaster relationship.

So, why do we dislike it so much? Do we love Ross and Rachel so much that we just can’t bear to see them hurt? Well no, not exactly. explains:

“Clip shows are almost always amongst the worst-rated episodes of shows, which is the case with ‘The One with the Invitation’, which simply reuses clips from old episodes as the gang reminisce ahead of Ross’s wedding.”


But, it’s not all negativity for Friends fans, as the site has also revealed the two best episodes among viewers, both tying at the top place.

The episodes are of course the classic ‘The One Where Everyone Finds Out’, you know, the episode where Monica and Chandler’s secret romance is up – with Ross giving us the infamous ‘GET OFF MY SISTER’ line.

And the final episode ‘The Last One: Part 2’ also, which we won’t go into too much detail about because the waterworks will start, but any true Friends fan will be well aware of what the final episode entails – she got off the plane!!

So, if you’ve been looking for a sign to begin Friends all over again, this is it!


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