So *This* Is What Kylie Jenner’s Hair Is Like Without All The Wigs And Extensions

You mean that highlighter yellow isn't her natural tone?

Kylie Jenner is famed for her ever-changing hairstyles, all of which are curtesy of wigs and hair extensions. Most recently, she donned a highlighter yellow shade, and before that she was platinum blonde.

highlighter hair ?

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The 19-year-old switches up her colour and length almost by the week, and she’s very open about why she avoids changing her natural hair.

“It’s not a secret,” the reality star tells Elle, “I couldn’t do bleach on my [own] hair. This is much easier…” to which Kendall chirps, “She would have no hair otherwise.”

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And then she revealed what we’ve all been wondering…

“You know, my hair is actually to my shoulders,” she says. Older sister, Kendall, adds, “We have the same hair length. Nobody knows, but our hair is basically twinning. I should take a pic one day of us with our same hair so we look like sisters again.”

Basically, without the wigs, Kylie is a dead ringer for Kendall.

Imagine if the Jenners went au natural! We thought we’d never see the day!

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