So This Is What Your Life Looks Like When You Work For Kanye West

His bodyguard was fired last week, and now he's telling ALL.

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work for a man who describes himself as “God’s vessel”?

Well, thanks to Steve Stanulis, now you know. Steve – a former police office and exotic dancer – was fired from his role as Kanye’s personal bodyguard last week after allegedly being accused of “flirting” with the rapper’s wife, Kim Kardashian.

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But in a tell-all interview with the Daily Mail, he’s claiming there was absolutely no flirting – and adds that being Kanye’s hired security wasn’t exactly a walk in the park.

First up, he clarified what really went down on Met Gala Sunday.

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“They [Kanye and Kim] were getting ready for Met Gala. I was sitting downstairs in the Waldorf, and it was around 6pm. I got some information that they were looking to rent a Lamborghini, or something of that nature.

“I went upstairs to see what was happening as we were supposed to be driving them.”

Steve says he approached the hotel suite’s open door and walk towards Kim

“I just wanted to make sure we were ready when they were ready. I went up to the floor to the Presidential Suite. I was walking and the door was open and I happened to see Kim. I thought I’d ask her or the other security or assistant if there was a change of plan.

“As I was walking up to Kim and the room [within touching distance of Kardashian], Kanye walked by.”

The bodyguard says it was a misunderstanding and that no “flirting” was happening

“I had no intention on hitting on Kim Kardashian. I am happily married. I got enough problems in the world and three young kids, so that was not my intent.”

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Steve has also worked for Leonardo DiCaprio and Toby Maguire, but he says Kanye trumps them all in the diva stakes.

“I had heard through the grapevine that Kanye was tough to deal with and he went through a lot of security.

“I was told before I took the work that I had to be thick skinned and prepared for anything because the littlest thing could trigger him.

“[H]e has everything you could possibly want in the world…money, power, fame, a beautiful wife and talent. He has to pull back.”

The rapper reportedly had “quirks” that his security staff knew about

According to Steve, he hated having doors opened for him or having his security staff appear in TV footage.

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And if you think you get perks like swanky meals for following Kanye n’ Kim all day, think again.

“I work with Saudi royal family members and when you sit with them and whatever they eat, you eat. They tip you and its great.

“But with this guy, you could be working with him for 17 hours and sitting in a restaurant with him. You would think he would say, ‘Hey you want something to drink?,’ but it was nothing. It just blew my mind.”

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Steve says he kept working for the good money.

Which he has revealed was around $300 (€263) per day, or $30 (€26) per hour.

But his overall impression of his time as Kanye’s security?

“Forgettable, traumatic, not worth it.”


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