So Toby’s Sister Has Just Called Out His Behaviour In The Villa

"He's a really good person irl that's why we're confused"

No Love Island contestant has had a quicker turnaround than this year’s Toby Aromolaran. Going from villain to hero in the space of 24 hours, fans are absolutely here for his chaotic energy, falling for every girl that gives him eye contact, but as it turns out his sister is pretty baffled by his behaviour.

Making a TikTok video where she trolls her brother’s actions, Shauna lipsynced to a viral audio #whydoyouactlikethat.

In the video Shauna shares a video of her brother where she mimed: “You’re p***ing me off for real. Why do you act like that? … The way that you act, you don’t see how you act is why people don’t want to be around you? … Look at how you act.”

@shauna_aroMy brothers at it again 🙃 ##fyp ##foryoupage ##loveisland2021 ##loveisland ##whyyouactlikethat ##weknewitwascoming ##tobyloveisland @tobyaromolaran♬ original sound – JOR JOR😖🤪

In the comments section, Shauna shared an insight into her brother’s unexplainable actions, admitting that she has no idea what he’s doing either.

In one she said: “He’s a really good person irl that’s why we’re confused”

“Honestly I have the best brothers, he’s so respectful and fun to hang out with, remember it’s a reality show”

Going on to defend her brother and remind people to be kind she also said in a pinned comment:

“Guys I support him as long as he’s happy I’m just hoping that he settles down now”

Well it looks like Toby is in fact taking his sister’s advice and settling as this week we saw him return to the original girl he had eyes for after his stint with Kaz. Toby and Chloe are now back on and bringing all of the chaotic energy the villa needs and we’re absolutely here for it.


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