So Too Hot To Handle’s Francesca And Harry Are Already Thinking About Getting Married

If you listen closely, you might even be able to hear the wedding bells...


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While watching Netflix’s latest dating show, Too Hot To Handle, admittedly, we never expected Harry and Francesca to go the whole hog. But we were proven wrong when the pair announced that they were still together, a whole year later. Now, things seem to be getting pretty serious for the two.

We know now that they’re the only couple that is still together after the show, and after a short break, they’re still going strong. Francesca revealed in a Capital FM interview that they’re considering tying the knot, so that they can be by each other’s sides during the current coronavirus pandemic. Francesca continued to say that she’s currently quarantining in Canada, while Harry couldn’t be further away in Australia.

“It’s been really hard because I haven’t seen him since the beginning of March,” she said. “If this quarantine goes on for another few months, that’s just a really long time without seeing the person you care about the most. And if that’s our resort — obviously, I want to marry him — we’ll celebrate later with our friends, but if that’s the only way I can get him to Canada is to do the online marriage, we’re honestly debating it.”


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Still speaking about her future with Harry, Francesca said that they’ve even discussed having children, raising a family together and where they would do so, settling on Canada or Harry’s native Australia. “I’ll just move to wherever he wants to be. I don’t really care at this point,” she said. “I’m obsessed with him. It’s a problem”, she laughed.

Well, we have to say, they are pretty cute.


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