Someone Made A Statue Of Cristiano Ronaldo And It Looks Absolutely Nothing Like Him

It’s actually quite terrifying.

Cristano Ronaldo just had an airport named after him in his hometown of Mareira, Portugal. The former Aeroporto da Madeira will now be known as Aeroporto Cristiano Ronaldo and to celebrate the honour, a bronze sculpture of its namesake has been placed outside the airport.

But, uh, it’s mega freaky and doesn’t look anything like him.

Special guests, including Portugal’s president and prime minister, as well as hundreds of fans, gathered around for the official renaming ceremony, and we wonder how they felt about the footballer’s creepy bust.

People on Twitter have been reacting brilliantly…

The 32-year-old is considered a local hero and is looked upon as a rags-to-riches success in Portugal, so the government felt he was the perfect person to name the international airport after. Shame about the artwork though.

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