Someone Re-Created Ross’s Stolen Thanksgiving Sandwich And It Looks Delicious

He even included The Moistmaker.

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Here in Ireland, we generally have to wait until December 26th for our turkey leftovers sandwich (well, more like the evening of December 25th, let’s be honest).

But if you’re from in the US/Canada, or have friends here who are, your opportunity for roast turkey leftovers comes a full month earlier, on Thanksgiving. The holiday falls this year on November 24th, and in honour of the big day, one food blogger has re-created the most lauded leftovers sandwich of all time: Ross’s stolen Thanksgiving sambo.

As you may recall, back in season five of the show, poor Ross had a minor meltdown after discovering a co-worker had eaten his sandwich.

ross sandwich

Not just any sandwich though. Monica’s annual Thanksgiving Leftovers Sandwich, featuring Ross’s favourite element, The Moistmaker, which he described as “a slice of break soaked in gravy.” Er, yum?

If you’re hungry just talking about turkey and gravy, then you’ll be happy to know that YouTuber Andrew Rea has the full sandwich recipe ready to go as part of his web series, Binging With Babish.

Other recipes Andrew has tackled so far include Louis CK’s Potluck Fried Chicken, and the Pasta Aglio e Olio made by Jon Favreau in Chef.

Beware though, this sandwich is no five-minute rush job. Andrew roasts an entire turkey, as well as making his stock and cranberry sauce from scratch. But if you’re prepping those ingredients for a Thanksgiving/Christmas dinner soon anyway, the sandwich should be fairly easy to put together. Just don’t forget the Moistmaker.


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