Someone *Very* Famous Just Slid Into James Kavanagh’s DMs To Wish Him A Happy Birthday

Clue: "That's hot"

Our resident Agony Uncle, James Kavanagh, just turned 28 and he’s been given the *best* birthday present ever by none other than Paris Hilton.

The Simple Life star turned DJ slid right into James’ DMs on Twitter saying “Happy birthday!” followed by the pink heart and party-popper emoji.

James replied, “OH. MY. GOD. Thank you! Adore you! Slay bish for life” followed by the same pink heart emoji, before screengrabbing the convo to share with his followers online.

Alongside the screengrab, he wrote, “Paris Hilton wished me happy birthday! Shook. Absolutely shook.” We’d be freakin’ shook ourselves. #Jel.

Friends and fans of the Snapchat sensation have been replying to his tweet, saying that his engagement with Paris is “holy iconic” and that he’s a “gas bitch”.

No pressure for next year’s birthday then…

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