Sophie Turner Thinks Her Game Of Thrones Storyline Mirrors The #MeToo Movement

There are some spoilers ahead, for anyone who hasn't watched yet. This is your warning!

Sophie Turner thinks that her Game Of Thrones character, Sansa Stark, could be the figurehead for #MeToo.

Speaking with Screen International, Turner said:

She’s used everything she’s learnt up until now to her benefit. She endured so much horror and really was a prisoner season-by-season. She took all of that, and now she has become stronger for it.

Sansa has had incredibly traumatic journey, which saw her getting assaulted physically and sexually by both King Joffrey Baratheon and Ramsay Bolton.

“It’s funny the way [my storyline] is kind of mirroring what’s happening in real life, in every industry right now,” the actress said.

“It’s really interesting how all of these women who were subjected to a lot of horror and oppression are taking a stand against the people who have done this to them.”

I think that’s why I connected with the #MeToo movement so much. Not just because of being a woman and obviously being a feminist, but also that character.

While she started as one of the show’s weakest characters, she’s now become a warrior in her own right. When asked about the show nearing an end, Turner continued: “She isn’t under anyone’s command anymore and that really allowed her to take on a leadership role.”

This is the first season where she felt like she had total ownership over what she stood for, and ownership somewhat over the North. It was really exciting to see her step into that role and own it, and I think she did a bloody brilliant job.

Sophie is a strong supporter of the TIMES UP and #MeToo movement, as she previously helped fundraise for TIMES UP’s legal defence fund on Instagram and posted a message ahead of the Golden Globes to show her solidarity with those affected.

She said: “Our role as filmmakers is to hold a mirror up to society. At the same time, I think it’s very important to have that escapism. That’s why Game Of Thrones is such a wonderful show. It provides both of those things.”


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