Sophie Turner’s GOT Body Double Looked So Like Her, Even Joe Jonas Tried To Kiss Her

Sophie Turner GOT

Sophie Turner was a pretty big part of Game Of Thrones, so she was kept busy with lots of big scenes as Sansa Stark.

This meant that when she was only needed in the background of a shot, or the back of her head had to be in it, she had someone else for that job.

Like many of the actors, Sophie had a photo double to stand in and the 23-year-old says her one was a pretty convincing doppelganger.

Irishwoman Laura Jane Butler was tasked with standing in for Sophie, and she looked to like her that it almost got her a kiss from a Jonas Brother.

Even Sophie’s now-husband Joe Jonas was fooled by the stand-in.

Sophie told Smallzy’s Surgery podcast: ‘People would do double takes because she looks so much like me. It was insane. Even Joe went up to her at one point and tried to give her a kiss, then was like “oh, sorry! It’s not Sophie!”.’

See for yourself:


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Twins….? ? #sansastark #doppelganger

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Other than the brows, they’ve got VERY similar features. These girls could definitely convince us they were sisters if not twins.


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One week to go ? #ForTheThrone

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We also adore the fact that all the doubles became great pals and hung out like a pack of alternate universe versions of the OG cast.


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That’s a wrap ? #GoT

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Also, fun fact, Laura Jane Butler seems to be a look-alike name, because there is another woman with this moniker who is an Amy Winehouse tribute act.


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Nothing to do with this story, we know, but we couldn’t NOT point that out.

Carry on…