Sorry To Break It To You, But Those Tiny Kinder Bars Are Apparently Terrible For Your Health

Yep, even the little ones :(

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We’ve always thought of Kinder as the lighter – and therefore slightly healthier – chocolate choice.

There are the Buenos, which weigh about the same as a piece of cotton wool, the Kinder Eggs which are more toy than chocolate, and the mini bars with the cream inside which are just so teeny, they can hardly do much damage.

At least, that’s what we assumed. However new findings by a German consumer watchdog group have revealed that Kinder chocolate – specifically those teeny chocolate n’ cream bars -could contain high levels of what’s believed to be a cancer-causing substance.

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Germany’s Foodwatch found that the bars, branded in Germany as Kinder Riegel, contained mineral oil aromatic hydrocarbons (MOAH), which have been dubbed as “likely carcinogens” by the watchdog.

In a statement to Mail Online, Kinder’s parent company Ferrero said that mineral oil components “exist nearly everywhere in the environment” and that the discussion “affects a large variety of foods.”

The chocolate manufacturer added that MOAHs can be transferred to food in a number of different ways. “Main migration sources are, for example, mineral oil components from printing inks that are introduced into the packaging recycling cycle and, through transport containing recycled fiber, migrate to raw materials and foods,” it stated.

For the record, Kinder’s not the only chocolate brand to have been flagged. Foodwatch found the specific mineral oil components in two other German products, Lindt’s Fioretto Nougat Minis and Sun Rice Classic Schokohappen.

Is it bad that all this talk of Kinder and Lindt is making us want some, well… Kinder and Lindt?


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