Sorted! How Not To Look Like A Hot Mess When You’re Leaving The Gym

There IS a way. Hallelujah!

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Statistics have shown that you’re roughly 99% more likely to bump into your ex, your crush and/or that smug girl from work when you’re looking your absolute worst.

Okay, we lied, There are no statistics, but it’s totally true!

We’ve all been there. You’re hot and sweaty after a serious gym session (not in a good away) and upon leaving you bump into the man of your dreams.

You’d love to stop and chat, hell you’d love to invite him over. If only you weren’t a) wearing absolutely no makeup and b) in those dodgy yoga pants that are kind of really, really faded at the ass.

Fear not #fitfam. It isn’t all doom and gloom. Behold, our top five tips for leaving the gym without looking like a hot mess.

Over-compensate with oversize
Turn your exercise look urban, á la Rita Ora, and void a super-sweat by looking super-slick. We are totally digging this vintage looking sweater.

gym sweater

Black logo sweatshirt, €53.52, Adidas


Hats off
We have so much love for the Nineties this season. With baseball caps all the rage right now, your post-workout ‘do is sorted. This Pump cap is perfect for popping over your pony.

gym hat

Black hat, €12.68, Puma


Throw some shade
Not only will these sunnies help to hide your post-workout sweat face, they are also essential for any aprés-gym creeping you may wish to do. Pursue your crush like a pro and look damn good while doing it.

Cat Eye Sunnies Boohoo

Cat eye sunglasses, €8,


A staple in most of our wardrobes, the bomber is all things to all outfits. Look totally on trend while leaving the gym by pairing this on this khaki green number with your joggers.

gym bomber

Khaki bomber jacket, €49.29,


Girl you’ve been working hard on those abs! And if the Irish weather allows it, why not show off what you got in a killer cute sports bra? We are so in love with this classic Calvin Klein grey one. And if it’s good enough for Kendall…

gym bra

Grey sports bra, €44, Calvin Klein


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