Stacey Solomon Just Revealed The Location Of Her Wedding

It's approaching soon!


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It’s almost wedding time!

Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash are heading down the aisle soon and we finally have a hint as to where the big day will happen.

The couple are getting married in the “wild woods” of their home which they call Pickle Cottage, in July.

The former X-Factor star told followers on Instagram, “We’ve been letting the woods grow free ahead of our wedding and it just gets more & more beautiful every day.”

She then revealed it is just eight weeks until their big day and shared her excitement saying, “I can’t wait to walk through here with the boys & Rose and meet Joe in my wedding dress cringggggeee I know but these woods just give me goosebumps.”

The two got engaged in December 2020, welcoming their little girl, Rose, into the world in July of last year. The couple had planned to get married before their daughter was born, but have since decided to push back their wedding day for this July.

Although fans were very confused recently when they attended the BAFTAs in what looked like wedding attire.

In the picture she shared on her Instagram Stacey and Joe are standing side by side in their full rig-out, with Joe in a Tuxedo and Stacey in her embellished jumpsuit. Convinced that it was actually a wedding snap, comments from confused fans and friends began rolling in.


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A post shared by Stacey Solomon (@staceysolomon)

“WEDDING vibes” wrote Angela Scanlon.

While two fans said: “At first glance I thought you’d had a secret wedding!”

“Had to read the caption…..thought you had got married! Looking lovely Stacey and Joe too”

Although it may have looked like Joe and Stacey tied the knot, the two are certainly still just engaged for the time being, but the wedding day is approaching!


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