Steal It! We’ve Got The Deets On Vogue Williams’ Go-To Healthy Eats And Treats

Foodie fan Vogue Williams is fronting Topaz's healthy re-brand Re.Store, so we grilled her about her healthy snacks and meals.

Vogue Williams

Ever wished you could grab something healthy to eat when you’re dashing about, instead of munching down another bag of crisps on the run? Well, that’s the concept behind fuel retailer Topaz and Irish convenience shop’s latest team-up, that offers up nutritious food on the go – and barista coffee to boot. Fronting the launch is none other than one of our favourite foodies, Fade Street alumni – and former STELLAR magazine intern, dontcha know – Vogue Williams.

So what does Vogue eat? “I’m all into healthy eating,” she explains. “I try not to eat carbs at night, and I eat really healthy during the day. I wanted to get involved with cos if you’re on a long car journey it can be such a nightmare to find something healthy to eat. They’ve got granola pots, superfood salads, healthy wraps and loads of stuff that’s perfect for grabbing when you’re on the go.”

Go-to snacks

What does Vogue eat on the go? “If it was breakfast, I’d grab a granola pot, or for lunch I’d have a wrap. For snacks, I love to eat either sesame sticks or peanuts,” she reveals. “Oh, and I make my own protein balls too.”

Sweat treats

“If I’m being healthy I’ll have a smoothie or a juice at night,” Vogue confides. “But during the week I would try to stay away from it. My protein balls have raw cacao in them so they taste like chocolate. I never crave chocolate during the week because I have those.”

Cheat Meals

“At the weekend I lose my mind and eat everything,” Vogue says, laughing. “You definitely need a cheat day. I was particularly bad this Sunday,” she confesses. “I had a fry for breakfast, McDonald’s for lunch and a Chinese takeaway for dinner – but it’s okay to have a day off.”


“Usually I work out in the morning after I’ve eaten breakfast, or just before dinner,” Vogue says. “Today I just had a banana after working out, because I was rushing, but normally I’d have a green juice.”

“When I was modelling first, I was told that I had to lose a bit of weight,” Vogue reveals. “I was overeating, so I made some changes. I know better now what I should and shouldn’t eat and what fills you up. I’ve learned a lot more about food since then, and I eat totally differently to how I did when I was younger, but you sort of have to. You grow up.”