STELLAR Launches 30 Minute Weekly Podcast For All Your Celebrity News

Introducing The Skim, your new go-to series for all things pop culture.

Argh, we’re so excited about this one. As you all know by now, The Glow Up went on a little hiatus a couple of weeks back so we could focus on bringing another baby into the world and well, we’re finally able to reveal what we were working on.

The Skim is our brand new podcast that sees us debate and discuss a series of topics every week, giving you the rundown on all the things we’re loving, loathing and downright confused about in the celebrity and entertainment world.

Pulling from all the usual celebs you love to see in STELLAR Magazine and beyond, The Skim gives us the chance to discuss the topics we love to write about but in a more tongue and cheek manner with all of you, our gorge listeners.

With no added sugar, The Skim is a straight up chinwag broken into a couple of sections for you to enjoy. There’s the introduction at the beginning to introduce you to our panel each week. Digital Editor Denise Curtin and Deputy Editor Rebecca Keane will be hosting the show and throughout the season, they’ll be joined by our expert STELLAR staff to discuss their niche topics and give us some juicy insights.

After the introductions to who you’re listening to, the show is broken into three parts, The Hard Sell – where we all have to pitch our top story of the week, Hot And Rot – where we discuss one story that’s hot and one that’s ROTTING us and lastly, Denise gives us her insight on the TikTok Trend of the Week for those who don’t have the app, don’t want the app, but also don’t want to miss out, feels.

What’s also delicious about this pod (if we say so ourselves) is that it’s only 30 minutes long, making it a dream to listen to at anytime that suits you. Perfect for a bike ride, a short commute, while you’re cleaning the gaff or just chilling out, The Skim is here to provide you with some entertainment and a reason to totally switch off.

We hope you love it! Listen now on Audioboom, Spotify and Apple podcasts.

Meet the panel on episode one!

Rebecca Keane – Deputy Editor 

Specialist subjects: Local celebs and all things drag and housewives 


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Denise Curtin – Digital Editor 

Specialist subjects: TikTok, Instagram huns and the world of social media 


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We hope you enjoy episode one and we cannot wait for what’s to come!


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