STELLAR Talks French Fashion And Dublin’s Top Shopping Spots With Style Influencer Rob Kenny

Outside of Marketing Rob's a freelance Fashion Blogger, Stylist and Journalist and has a regular fashion slot on TV3's Ireland AM. He gives us a peak inside his stylish wardrobe.

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Name: Rob Kenny

Age: 25

Instagram: @robkenny_

Snapchat: @robkenny

Describe your style

I aspire to be French. That renowned notion that the French are the most stylish people in the world is 100% true. I lived in France for a year on a Marketing Erasmus three years ago, and I came back a completely changed man. I went over submerged in London street style (think a vintage denim jacket with studs and trainers), and came home obsessed with beautiful French simplicity and minimalism. When I shop and pick my outfits now, the main focus for me is a clean, high-fashion look. I’m all about the garment’s cut, texture, how an outfit fits together and how it falls. My life goal is to essentially be an Olsen twin draped in Gucci, Lanvin and Celiné, having a glass of wine with my sunnies on.

Where do you shop?

My go-to shop is COS. I love it like a family member. When Sandro Man was taken out of Brown Thomas I was honestly devastated, one of the team in there had to call me to break the news gently. You can also find unbelievable pieces from Nowhere Man on Aungier St. Everything in there is so high-fashion and chic. I think that store is a real testament to the modern Irish man.

Talk to us about work

I work in notorious PSG which a leading creative brand communications agency here in Dublin. I’m a Senior Account Executive and specialise in Consumer PR. I’m also heavily involved in our Influencer Marketing programme which is something I’m really passionate about. In notorious the atmosphere is really creative and relaxed, so you can almost wear whatever you want.

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What do you wear in the office?

Every day in my job is so different so my outfit choice depends on what’s going on. In the past year I have coordinated a photoshoot on a giant waterslide in my swimming togs, and created  the most stylish outfit I could find to run a press conference with Naomi Campbell. Day-to-day in the office I wear what I would wear outside of work anyway. It makes going for after work drinks that much easier!

Do you ever look scruffy or are you always well put together?

People wouldn’t believe what I look like behind closed doors. When I finally get home in the evenings it’s straight into comfy PJs and sweat pants for me! My boyfriend got a big shock about two months in.

And what about the gym? Is it important to look good when you’re there?

I try to get to the gym 2-3 times a week, however it can be hard with a full time PR job, as well as all of my additional fashion escapades outside of work. I do have one personal training session every week with my trainer William Bluett, who really pushes me to the edge. And yes, I do think having really good gym gear is important. I went into Lifestyle Sports this month and upgraded my whole gym wardrobe. I bought new Asics trainers and loads of Under Armour and Nike gym wear too. I think the more you get into the gym, the more you start to care about stylish gym gear!

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Where are your favourite places in Dublin to go dining? Where will we find you brunching?

My go-to restaurant in Dublin is Coppinger Row, their cocktails are as delicious as their food. I often head out for food with friends very last minute, so it suits me that Coppinger Row don’t take bookings. The brunch in Drury Buildings is always good and I’m also a big fan of Le Drunch in the Marker Hotel on a Sunday. I live on the coast in Sandymount with my boyfriend, so you’ll often find me and my Fabs brunching in one of the spots in Sandymount village. Buckle Up is my hangover cure!

And what about for dinner?

My go-to dinner pals would be my group of gays. James Kavanagh and I would be the pickiest out of the group when it comes to food. We tend to get very loud though. Recently the group of us went to The Winding Stair for dinner and the elderly couple beside us asked to be moved table. Thalia Heffernan and I tried 777 for the first time last week and I adored it. The cocktails were to die for.

Finally, who do you think are the most stylish Irish male celebrities?

My favourite men to stalk for fashion inspo live in Paris, the PR teams for Lanvin, I live on their Instagrams. But of course there are some incredibly stylish Irish men I love to check out. Paul Galvin is great and Michael Fassbender can be effortlessly chic at times. James Kavanagh’s fashion sense is the perfect mix of quirky yet high-fashion, as is Brendan Courtney. If I’m ever suit shopping, my go-to man for inspiration is Darren Kennedy. I also met Roscommon GAA player Neil Patrick Collins at a media event last week and instantly loved his style. It is great to see more Irish sports stars be brave with fashion.

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