Stop Taxing My Period: The Campaign That’s Making Periods Cheaper

It's estimated that women would have to work a full 38 hours to pay off a lifetime's supply of tampons, but one woman is attempting to change all that.


Never mind the cramps and the mood swings, periods can be a costly business too. At the moment, a standard box of tampons in Ireland costs about €3.49. To put that in to perspective, per year that’d cost the average woman close to €50.

But one Aussie woman is attempting to change all that.

On Monday night’s episode of Q&A Sydney, student Subeta Vimalarajah asked politician Joe Hockey if he thought sanitary towels were an essential health good for half of the population. His reply?

“Do I think sanitary products are essential? I think so, I think so, it probably should, yes, the answer’s yes.”

At present, Australia charges 10% VAT on all sanitary towels and tampons, and Subeta’s campaign to abolish that tax has amassed a massive 93,000 online signatures.

“People who get periods don’t buy pads and tampons for pleasure, so why are we forced to fork out an extra 10% every two, three, four weeks?” she asks.

Luckily enough here in Ireland we pay zero tax on our sanitary products, but as pads and tampons are an essential purchase, many peeps reckon the government should subsidise them.

What do you think? Should the government shell out some cash to help cover the cost of your monthly flow?

By Laura Somers.