Stormzy And Maya Jama Are Now Instagram Official



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After months of fan suspicions and sneaky paparazzi pictures, Maya Jama and Stormzy have at last confirmed that their relationship is back in full swing.

The Love Island host and British rapper dated for four years before calling it quits back in 2019.

In August of this year, the pair soft-launched their rekindled romance on Instagram, by each sharing photos of the same holiday accommodation in Greece.


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Fans put on their investigative goggles and noticed some significant similarities in these pictures, which led to the conclusion that they must be sharing a villa together and that their love affair is back on!

People have since been awaiting the official confirmation of their getting back together.

On Saturday 7th of October, Maya confirmed the rumours to be true, when she shared a video to Instagram of her adoring boyfriend awaiting her arrival from Fiji at the airport.

@prettylittlethingHow cute Stormzy picked up Maya Jama from the airport with these signs♬ original sound – prettylittlething

In the clip, Stormzy lovingly waves two handmade signs in the air, one which reads ‘Maya Jama #1 Fan’, and the other a portrait of Maya wearing a red dress from her recent Dolce and Gabanna shoot.

As she approaches the car she giggles and excitingly says “You are so cute! Thanks… Put it down now… I’m shy.”

Now fans of the iconic duo finally have something to be thrilled about!


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According to The Sun, a friend of Stormzy revealed, “Stormzy knows how lucky he is to have gotten Maya back and he’s determined not to lose her again. He wants to make her his wifey for lifey.”

Omg…can you hear the wedding bells!?

The source added, “He’s telling his mates this is it for him now, he’s found the one”

Seems like Maya and Stormzy are back for the foreseeable. Perhaps the entrance to the Love Island villa isn’t the only aisle we will be watching Maya walk down!

Words by Shauna Whyte