Supernanny Sends Love To Adele And We Are Living For It

Random? Yes. Iconic? Also yes.


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In a very unexpected crossover moment, Jo Frost aka Supernanny from the iconic television show of the same name, has reached out to superstar Adele to offer consolation.

The ‘Easy On Me’ singer has had to cancel her Las Vegas concert dates as a result of ‘delivery delays’ and issues with Covid. A very tearful Adele took to Instagram to announce that the event was postponed and express her regret to fans, some of whom travelled for miles and paid up to $685 (roughly €605) for tickets.

The show was planned to run until the 16th of April at The Colosseum, Caesars Palace, and would see Adele performing with a 60 strong choir. Ticket holders have been told the event will be held at a later date, though when the new dates will be announced is not yet known.


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It’s evident that the singer is devastated by the short clip where she said she’s ‘embarrassed’ to let everyone down. Celebs around the globe reached out to offer words of comfort and support as fans shared a mixture of frustration and understanding in the comments section.

Pink sent her love with a comment ‘Sweetheart I have been there’ and said that she was ‘gutted’ for fans but that it’ll eventually come together, while comedian Kathy Griffin wrote ‘Not your fault, doll❤️’.

What fans were not expecting to see was a meaningful and lengthy message from Supernanny star Jo Frost, who left an adorable comment under the singer’s post.


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The child behaviour specialist and lovable personality told Adele, in all caps, ‘WE ARE IN A PANDEMIC’ and gave her some stern instructions; ‘go get some sleep, have a hot bath, and a glass of cold Sancere seriously before I put you on the naughty step!’ (sic).

Fans of both the show and the singer were delighted by the interaction, joking that Jo was on her way to discipline Adele into some self-love.

It’s no secret that Adele has rubbed shoulders with some serious megastars, but we reckon even she would be smitten by the random attention – after all, who hasn’t spent at least one Sunday morning binge-watching Supernanny?! We hope that Adele does exactly that.

Words by Aoife Codykane

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