Taoiseach Leo Varadkar Has Responded To That Miley Cyrus Tweet

It's the drama not a single one of us saw coming

Just when we think we’ve hit peak 2020, another bombshell is dropped. Last week we saw the Hannah Montanna aka Miley Cyrus publicly call-out our Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, letting him know that he probs could be doing a little more for the black lives matter movement here in Ireland.

In the tweet, Miley praised the Irish public for showing their solidarity with the movement which originated in the US following the unlawful death of George Floyd.

Addressing both Leo and the Spanish and Dutch Prime Ministers, Miley wants the world to globally unite in the fight against racism.


However, since the tweet surfaced, all world leaders addressed have remained pretty quiet, until now.

Speaking with the Sunday World Leo Varadkar said that he welcomes Miley addressing him, but remains adamant that Ireland is different than the US or UK when it comes to tacking the coronavirus crisis and inequality.

“I welcome Miley, or indeed anyone, reaching out to me. We don’t have any data on whether Covid has affected black and minority ethnic group people more than white people in Ireland the way it has in America and Britain. We need to find out.”

“The information we have is that Covid has affected affluent households in Ireland more than disadvantaged ones which is very different to America and Britain. Black Lives Matter.”


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